Rent to Airbnb Transition Program

As the popularity of vacation rentals skyrocket, owners are starting to realize that they can increase rental revenue by 50% or more by making the switch to a vacation rental but many don't know where to start or aren't willing to pay the upfront costs associated with making the transition. Well, look no further because Book Easy offers the only Rent to Airbnb Transition Program on the market. The R2A program is tailored for property owners looking to transition their long term rental to a highly profitable vacation rental without any of the risk or upfront cost. The R2A program offers owners the security of a twelve month lease while the property is being transitioned to a vacation rental by the experienced management team at Book Easy. Owner's will enjoy a steady monthly payment during the transition process and then will take ownership of a fully operating vacation rental at the end of the lease term. It's a win-win! Sign up below to learn more!

Traditional Vacation Rental Managment

Book Easy offers the lowest rate on the market for its traditional vacation rental management service. We offer a complete turnkey solution that allows you to sit back and collect a check every month and at a10% management fee our prices can't be matched!

Why Book Easy?

Book Easy combines years of experience with local knowledge to provide the most comprehensive rental experience to your guests and with the only Rent to Airbnb Transition Program on the market and the lowest traditional management rates available, our services are unparalleled. Whether you're a current vacation rental owner tired of the daily tasks associated with management, a vacation home owner looking to monetize your second property, or a long term renter looking to transition to a vacation rental, Book Easy is the perfect management solution for you!

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