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Set Sail on the Water Taxi

Price: $14-$28

Time: 3+ Hours

Hours: 10AM - 10PM Everyday

Best Parking Location: Las Olas Riverfront, 40 West Las Olas Blvd ($7 to park)

If you are looking to spend a day out on the water sightseeing, bar hopping, or shopping, then the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi is a great choice. The tour features three main routes and many boats to keep you moving all afternoon. The featured stops include Fort Lauderdale Beach, Las Olas Boulevard, Galleria Mall, and Margaritaville. An all day pass allows you to hop on or off at any of the stops along the routes. There are varying sized boats operating on the tour and each offers a different experience.

The Routes

Water Taxi Routes and Stops

The Water Taxis run on three separate loops, the Fort Lauderdale Route, The River Route, and The Margaritaville Express. As I mentioned earlier, one ticket gets you access to all three routes. The exchanges happen at the 17th Street bridge and the Las Olas stop. The Fort Lauderdale Route is shown in green above. The route travels up and down the New River where view you can take in views of the impressive million dollar mansions and yachts that line the river. The tour turns around at a local sports bar, Bokampers, on Oakland Park. Your tour guide will point out some of the houses of our more popular residents as well as prove some corny commentary to keep things lighthearted. The mansion views coupled with stops to Las Olas and Beachplace are the highlights of the tour. While both Las Olas and Beachplace have plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy, the only stops that truly drop you off dockside at a restaurant are Shooters and Bokampers at the end of the tour. The River Route, shown above in yellow, proceeds west up the New River from the Las Olas stop. This route stops dockside at a few local bars and restaurants including The Downtowner and Pirate Republic. Finally, the Margaritaville Express route runs from the 17th Street bridge directly down to Margaritaville. The ride takes approximately 40 minutes one way and is shown in red above.

The Boats

Your ride will vary depending on exactly what boat you hop on. All the boats are covered and offer free ponchos in case of rain. The larger boats are air conditioned, two stories, and offer bar service while the smaller boats are open sided and fit up to twenty passengers. Downloading the free Water Taxi app will not only show the routes and live position of the boats, but also the type of boat that is coming to your next stop. No matter what boat you end up on, the Water Taxi is a great way to see the local area and spend an afternoon!

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